Claire Sylvan


Claire Sylvan

About the Artist:

Born within earshot of the Atlantic, on the rugged westernmost coast of Cornwall, England, Claire has a deep affinity for rocks, water, and sacred places on the earth. She has lived, worked, and raised a family in the great beauty and challenge of Haliburton County for 35 years. Writing has always been a dependable companion, a way to make sense of a world that often appears incomprehensible.

About Her Art:

Claire has been labelled “incurably creative”, viewing any problem as an opportunity to find a way to make something beautiful and/or functional out of what is at hand, be it a quilt, a deck, a cryptic crossword clue, or a poem. Her poems fearlessly explore the edges and depths of everyday experience, bringing together unexpected understandings from the natural world, human interaction, and her own life. Read these poems slowly and savour the moments of recognition, inspiration, and joy.

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