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Dianne Mathes


Dianne Mathes

About the Artist:

Dianne is a native of Newfoundland whose love of colour and beauty are inspired by the water, rocks and wild expansiveness of her original home. Her home on Mountain Lake in Haliburton inspires her in the same way and she is proud to live here. 

About Her Art:

Dianne is a therapist and healer who works with children, adults and families and an artist who quilts and felts. Her work as a therapist and her art explore the moments and circles of life in all of their colours and depths.

Her felted and knitted nests are symbols of moments and times in our lives, our first home, places that nestle us, times that celebrate life. Found objects and “critters” that show up are her playful connection to nature and the world we live in. Passionate about life, individuals and relationships, Dianne uses colour and texture in her art work to share her love of nature and all of the life and wondrous moments that exist within it.  

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