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Soundings Studio -- Kim Warne


Kim Warne

About the Artist:

Kim S. Warne was born near London, England. After World War 2 he emigrated to Canada and settled in Vancouver. He attended the University of B.C. and studied pedagogy. It was there that he met and married his wife Wilma. She was born in Tsimshian Territory on the B.C. coast. They both worked for several years in the field of education. He returned to U.B.C. and became an ordained minister. Kim then served pastorates in Manitoba and Ontario. He completed a Master's degree at the University of Manitoba. He held the rank of major in the Reserve of the Canadian Forces and through them became a qualified hostage negotiator.

Nine years ago Kim, and his wife Wilma, were welcomed as corporate members of The Guild Of Master Craftsmen International. 

About His Art:

A friend of long standing, introduced him to the exciting medium of stone. A wildlife photographer, taught him to appreciate the intricate details of nature and the Haliburton School of Fine Arts taught him the rudiments of sculpting. With the support of an Inuit couple, Augiak and Nija Novalinga, Kim developed his own expressive style. From within the context of his own life experiences, he seeks to discover the essence of the creatures of this world. Kim says, "I find it a deeply spiritual experience to carve and I am constantly amazed and excited about the discoveries that can be found in the heart of stone. "

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