Updating the exterior of a house does not have to involve an entire makeover. Just like adding a scarf to an old outfit can bring a refreshing look, using stone veneer in selected areas can highlight the curb appeal of your home.

Blending that Works

Designer stones can be used along raised foundations to add an indiscreet tone of beauty without becoming dominant. Have you ever noticed a house that appears to look better than it once did, but are unable to put your finger on what has changed? This is referred to as blending and can be the result of using stone siding around a foundation.

Outlining Garage Doors

Most garage doors are simple and functional. There are specialty doors that are charming or unusual, but are usually cost prohibitive. Regardless of how small or large the exterior wall area is that holds your doors, a cosmetic face-lift can be used with stone products. Outlining the space around garage doors give a prominent and stylish appearance to the dullest of garage doors.

Porches and Entry Ways

It takes very little stone siding to freshen up the backdrop of a porch or to outline a doorway and the change can be substantial. Stone radiates a feeling of warmth and durability, making visitors feel welcome as they approach your home. Or consider adding depth to a set of columns by covering with stone veneer. If you do not want to use stone veneer on existing siding, build a short wall around the perimeter of your landscaping and line with stone products. This will deliver a stately look to your property.

Selecting the Right Designer Stones

Not all stone products are a match for an existing style. For instance, adding a River stone siding to a small ranch-style house would create an awkward display of balance. If you are unsure of the best type of stone products to use with your style, most distributors have designers that can help to bring the best look to your home.

There are many ways to incorporate designer stones around the exterior of your house and deliver a pleasing new look. Stone veneer offers an inexpensive way to bring a realistic look of quality masonry. By using the right products, not only will your home possibly appreciate in value, but will also add a refreshing new look to a tired and boring space. Think of the possibilities of highlighting your home today with stone and discover the difference.

Photo credit: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/156570524518566764/