The Toronto tyres used by cars in the Canadian city of Toronto cannot be just any type of tires, the climatic conditions of cities like this one, require uncommon characteristics when it comes to tires, the winters in this city are harsh and long, this means that the roads and highways remain a large part of the year covered with ice, snow and water, with very low temperatures, these conditions make driving difficult, for this reason it is necessary to have tires that minimize the risk of accidents on these roads.

What Toronto tires should be like?

To avoid problems when driving on roads under these conditions, suitable Toronto tires should be selected. They should be made of softer rubber to facilitate grip in these cold climates, In this way, water, snow and ice find their way out when pressed by the tire against the road surface, and do not form a layer between the tread and the road, preventing loss of control of the car, as there will be no risk of self-planning.

Special tires for climates such as those in Toronto have grooves on their contact surface that are deeper than normal tires. These grooves are designed to trap ice and snow, which means that when using Toronto tires suitable for these icy climates, driving safety is improved, as the snow has excellent adhesion with the snow itself, resulting in a substantial improvement in the tire’s grip on the road surface covered with ice and snow, eliminating a high percentage of the conditions conducive to the car skidding on the road.

It is true that there are times of the year when the weather improves and temperatures rise in Toronto, but it is still a city that can be classified as cold, so there is no need to be replacing Toronto tires ideal for cold and rainy weather with harder tires than those used for the summer, which means savings in budgets by not having to have more than two sets of tires.